Restaurants & Bars in Biratnagar

restaurants and bars in biratnagarBiratnagar is full of Restaurants that serve you delicious foods on demand. Either it’s a fast food cafe or busy restaurants that serves most of the food items for you. You can even go for a restaurant that serves only Fish items aka Fish Fry or Marinated Fish Fry with your beverage on demand.

Or you may love to eat pigeon, duck, chicken, goat with your favorite beverage. Don’t worry, everything is available for you in Biratnagar.

Don’t want to cook food tonight ?

No problem, grab your Card or Cash and head over to the Restaurants around.

Discover the best restaurants in Biratnagar.

If you already visited one of the listed restaurants, don’t forget to leave your honest review below.

List of Restaurants & Bar in Biratnagar (Veg & Non-Veg Foods with Beverages)

  • Feel Good Bar & Grill, Airport Mode
  • Hashtag Food & Bar, Airport Road
  • Purple Haze Restro & Garden, Airport Road
  • Olive Cafe, Airport Road
  • Wink Restaurant and Bar, Nobel Road
  • Star Wood Restaurant, Nobel Road, Kanchanbari
  • Cafe Grill to Chill Restaurant, Hanumadas Road
  • Happy Hour Restaurant, Near Pipal Chowk
  • Madhurika Milan Restauran, Tin Paini Chowk
  • Sircle, Bargachhi
  • Trendz Cafe & Lounge, Hospital Chowk
  • Ten11 Lounge, Mahendra Chowk
  • Me’nu Restaurant & Bar, Traffic Chowk
  • Aama’s Bakery, Main Road
  • Hotel Subha, Neuro Road
  • Mandala Lounge and Bar, Bijuli Office
  • Red Roof Kitchen, Bijuli Office
  • Shahenshah’s Food, Tinpaini
  • Sarangi  The Foot Court, Sombare Haat Area
  • Hangout Cafe, Hatkhola

Pure Veg Food Restaurants in Biratangar (Soft Drinks Available)

  • Angan, Market Area
  • Unique Sweets and Snacks, Market Area

Coffee & Snacks

  • WakeCup Coffee, Mahabir Road
  • Valentine’s Bakery Cafe, Traffic Chowk

Fish & Beverages

  • Surya Machha Pasal, Pipal Chowk
  • Budhathoki Hotel, Rajbanshi Chowk

Meat & Beverages

  • Bande Foods, Sombare Haat Area
  • Bajeko Sekuwa, Munalpath



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