Hospitals in Biratnagar

hospitals in biratnagarBiratnagar is one of the popular destination for health checkup and treatment. People from various neighbour district to neighbour country India come to Biratnagar for their medical checkup. There are almost dozens of Hospitals including one of the biggest Eye Hospital to the Neuro Hospital that serves quality service to patients.

Discover the best Hospital for your treatment in Biratnagar. If you have your personal experience with any of the Hospital in our list, you can comment down your review.

List of Hospitals in Biratnagar

  • Koshi Zonal Hospital, Hospital Chowk (Contact: 021-530103)
  • Nobel Medical and Teaching Hospital, Kanchanbari (Contact: 021-460736)
  • Neuro Cardio & Multispeciality Hospital (Contact: 021-417484)
  • Max International Hospital, Mahendra Chowk (Contact: 021-521155)
  • Ramlal Golchha Eye Hospital, Golchha Chowk (Contact: 021-523706)
  • Biratnagar Eye Hospital, Rani
  • Life Guard Hospital, Bargachhi (Contact: 021-463177)
  • Shree Hospital, Hospital Chowk (Contact: 021-440223)
  • Aims Hospital and Cancer Center, Hospital Chowk (Contact: 021-533933)
  • Morang Sahakari Hospital, Traffic Chowk (Contact: 021-523230)
  • RK Children Hospital, Rangeli Road (Contact: 021-441377)
  • Golden Hospital (021-521809)
  • National Kidney Hospital (Contact: 021-521955)
  • Hamro Aspatal, Airport Mode (Contact: 021-463668)
  • Taparia Eye Care, Tinpaini (Contact: 021-524489)
  • Biratnagar Aspatal (Birat Nursing Home), Munal Path (Contact: 021-531042)
  • Saptakoshi Hospital & Nursing Home, Bus Stop (Contact: 021-472063)
  • Aashirbad Dental Hospital (Contact: 021-472828)
  • Surksha Hospital (Contact: 021-536941)
  • Green Cross Hospital, Rangeli Road (Contact: 021-527106)

Please Note: If available contact number is not working, dial 197 from any NTC phone to enquiry.



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